Standard profile gutters are roll-formed on site from one of our fully-equipped mobile factory units, by a 4 (or 5) man team of trained gutter fitters. Gutters are roll-formed to the exact length, eliminating waste, and without joins, eliminating leaking. Manufacture can be to virtually any length – see our gallery page, pictures of a 97 meter installation.

Technical Advice & Quotes

The Gutter Company has trained Technical Advisors available to give free quotes and advice on any gutter or down pipe related issues. Just call 033 346 1567 or toll free at 0861 115 304

Rainwater Harvesting

The Gutter Company also designs, supplies and installs rainwater harvesting system to suit each client’s individual needs. This includes connecting down pipes to rainwater tanks, supplying and/or installing leaf eaters, gutter guards and designs downpipe systems that will maximize water harvesting.

Removal & Disposal of Old Gutters

The Gutter Company, safely removes and legally disposes of (as per the Hazardous Waste Act) old gutters and down pipes, including hazardous materials such as asbestos. A certificate of safe disposal is available on request


Aluminium carries a 10- and 20- year guarantee on colour and corrosion respectively. In addition we offer a 12 month guarantee on our installations.

Legal Compliance

The Gutter Company is a member of the KwaZulu-Natal Master Builders and Allied Industries Association (MBA) and has a non negotiable policy of compliance with all laws and regulations covering our industry.